The DIY Continues….

Lynda and I had a good chance in Norway to improve our DIY skills. Painting
walls and laying laminate floors aren’t especially hard things to do, you just
need time, patience and practice.

So far we’ve completely redecorated our main living room and we’re now working
on the room opposite, this can be thought of as either living room #2 or
bedroom #2. It used to be blue, very very blue indeed. It’s taken many coats
of paint just to get in back to a fairly neutral white and we’ve so far applied
one coat of the final colour, a kind of creamy white called Almond White.

When not covering myself in paint, I’ve been getting stuck into Crysis, one of
the many game titles I’ve been looking forward to playing. It’s an interesting
game, though I’m not yet in love with some of the gameplay mechanics. Perhaps I
just need a bit more time to get used to it.

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