Ubuntu +1

Last night I attempted to install Ubuntu 7.04 on an Acer Ferrari
series laptop. This laptop has lots and lots of whacky hardware in
that has thwarted many a Linux installer in the past. Ubuntu got it all right
first time in about 3 clicks. Wireless, 3D, bluetooth, my odd USB gaming
mouse, the lot. I’m very impressed.

I was on call over the weekend so I spent most my time in the house. Lynda and
I unpacked a couple of boxes and generally tidied up. I did one task I’d been
putting off for days: unsnarling a huge tangle of cables. Oh, and I finally
got the stereo put back together.

Planning for redundancy

Not in the work sense in this case. This weekend has mostly been taken up with
building and installing the 4th AntibodyMX node. All four nodes are in
different buildings, on different power and on different networks, I’m thinking
this is probably enough redundancy for now. I’m very pleased with all of ABMX’s hosting partners so far, so I don’t mind mentioning them by name. In order of time hosting with they are: ORE NET, Web Tapestry, Servology and, as of yesterday, Bogons.

The new node will get a week or two to burn in. My personal mail weighs in at
about 200 messages per day so that’s a nice steady stream of mail to push
through it.