HOWTO: Building a mail server with Exim, Dovecot and Squirrelmail

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, I find Twitter a bit easier to keep updating. In the fine tradition of itch-scratching, I recently rebuilt my own personal mail server based on a virtual private server from Bitfolk using Exim, Dovecot and Squirrelmail. You can find the HOWTO here, I hope you find it useful.

One thought on “HOWTO: Building a mail server with Exim, Dovecot and Squirrelmail”

  1. Thanks for this HOWTO, it was excellent and easy to follow.

    Once suggestion for the dovecot configuration.
    I have discovered since installation that dovecot.conf needs

    mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir

    to account for any new mail receipients after setup. The initial user is ok because their Maildir is created and tested before the exim4 local transport is changed in your HOWTO.

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