Happy birthday antibodyMX

According to my notes, antibodyMX is 5 years old today.  The official domain didn’t get registered for a month or so after the fact, mainly because we started with a different name.  But we’ve been up and running and filtering mail for 5 whole years.  In that entire time we’ve had not one single customer-affecting outage.  Yay us!

Thanks to all our customers for their support over the years, especially the early adopters who took a chance on a startup project literally hosted in my spare room.

Thanks also to our suppliers.  Our reputation for stability and availability is based on the good relationship we have with you and the services you provide.

It’s difficult to say how Internet email will evolve over the next 5 years, but we’ll be doing the best we can to keep your inbox free of crud.  If you are, or know of, a company that is struggling with spam, please give antibodyMX a try.  Either we’ll significantly reduce the amount of junk you get or you don’t pay us a penny.



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