My affiliate links

It occurred to me that collecting all these in one place might mean I remember to tell people about them and therefore they might get used!

Curve is kind of neat.  You get one debit card in your pocket which you can charge back to almost any other credit or debit card.  To sign up download the app for your mobile device and use the code EGOOV.  You and I both get a fiver if you do.

Huel is a meal replacement product.  If you’re like me and can only rarely be bothered cooking for one then Huel gives you a quick, easy, nutritionally complete drink to chug down with very little time and effort involved.  I like the vanilla flavour and some of the flavour packs are nice.  Using my link gets you and me £10 off an order.

Top Cashback is one the UK’s most popular cashback sites.  I’ve probably got several hundred pounds from it over the years.  It requires some discipline to use and may require you to use less draconian ad and cookie blocking software.  Using my link gets us both £7.50.

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