Recent Debian update breaks Squirrelmail / Avelsieve

I’ve not yet tracked down exactly when and where this crept in, but recently when logging in to my web mail, I’ve been seeing an error message like this:

Could not log on to timsieved daemon on your IMAP server localhost:4190.

I was puzzled because I’d not knowingly changed any configuration for either Dovecot or Squirrelmail and Dovecot’s sieved was still listening right where I expected it to be on port 2000.  After a little digging I found in /usr/share/squirrelmail/plugins/avelsieve/config/config.php this section:

/* ======================================================================== */
/* =================== ManageSieve Backend Options ======================== */
/* ======================================================================== */
/* Port where timsieved listens on the Cyrus IMAP server. Default is 2000. */

/** DEBIAN CHANGE: Despite upstream's intention Debian changed this default
*  distribution wide to 4190 which is thus default here.
global $sieveport;
$sieveport = 4190;

Well duh, thanks.  Setting this value back to 2000 fixes the problem.  Though perhaps, at some point, Debian will ship a default Dovecot configuration with the sieved on port 4190.