Invaluable Support

Those of you who know me will know that I’m no shrinking bloom when it comes to
dealing with bad customer service (yes, Apple, I mean you) and so, for once,
I’m delighted to share with you an example of near-perfect support.

Wind the clock back a few months and Martin takes delivery of his new gaming
rig from Wired2Fire. It’s an Intel
QX6800 based machine, with 4Gb RAM, an Nvidia 8800 Ultra OC graphics card and
couple of 500Gb disks and more fans than your average harem. It’s quick, very
very quick.

After a couple of months I started noticing stability problems. The machine
would sometimes reboot at random, when it did I would struggle to get any video
output afterwards. On one occasion the machine lost all its BIOS settings.
After a couple of diagnostics sessions on the phone, Wired2Fire suggested a
Return To Base to get the motherboard swapped out. W2F are not to far away so
I drove the machine to their office and, their Head Honcho, Toby got on with
the business of sorting my machine out.

Since the motherboard swap out I’ve had zero problems. This is what you’d
expect, right? Alas it seems that people no longer expect timely fixes to their
problem, they’re happy for weeks of tooing and froing whilst a problem is
diagnosed. Congratulations to Wired2Fire for just getting the problem fixed.

I look forward to buying my next gaming rig from you in 2010.

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